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An exclusive sneak peak into Peckham Liberal Club

Peckham Liberal Club

An exclusive sneak peak into this multipurpose 1960’s working men’s club.

From pub and bar settings to theatre and indoor sports facilities, this location is a versatile space that could potentially double as a retro police station, a stark interrogation room or even retro gangster hangout – just to name a few!




The main hall is the largest room in the building, as well as an excellent filming location it is also ideal for crowd holding, short term prop storage, or even as a rehearsal space.




The interior has not been touched since the 60’s, so all classic authenticity has been retained completely intact.

As you pace the long dark wood paneled corridors you are transported back to the days of the Richmond Brothers – this unique location has remained timeless since the days that it would have entertained them.





The traditionally British red phone box (that actually contains a working phone!) is only one of Peckham Liberal Club’s many quirky features that make it completely original.




The apartment above is equipped with furnished kitchen, bathrooms and four vacant rooms in various states of dilapidation – all of which can be dressed to any preference.
This area of the building oozes mystery as some rooms look as though they could still be lived in, whereas others look entirely neglected and vandalised.


If you think Peckham Liberal Club would be ideal for an upcoming production that you are working on, or you would simply just like some more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the account manager, Beth!


Beth White
Residential Location Co-ordinator
0203 7733 707

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