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hospital double film location - modern office film location

Bucks New Uni: The film location double you need

Hospital, police station, office? Who knew you could do so much at one university? With summer upon us and gap years being booked left, right and centre, here is an eye-opening guide to one of our best educational facilities, offering extra availability during the holiday months. Providing film location doubles including a hospital ward, a police station…

livery hall film location london

The Next Best Thing: Unbelievable Doubles

With A Royal Night Out just hitting cinemas and Netflix’s The Crown on the horizon, we’re seeing a number of upcoming royalty-themed productions. We’ve picked out our closest doubles, locations all royalty might require. These are some of our newest and most prestigious Exclusives that are sure to make you double take. 5. Coronations and Celebrations We…

basement film location central london

Vacant locations for your next project

They’ve housed royalty, military, family and students – these vacant lots each come with their own history and unique appeal. Now being reinvented as film locations, these are amazing spaces with stories to tell. 1. Randalls A recently vacant department store, Randalls was a family business for 123 years, founded by the current owner’s great-grandfather…