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hospital double film location - modern office film location

Bucks New Uni: The film location double you need

Hospital, police station, office? Who knew you could do so much at one university?

With summer upon us and gap years being booked left, right and centre, here is an eye-opening guide to one of our best educational facilities, offering extra availability during the holiday months. Providing film location doubles including a hospital ward, a police station and a modern officeBuckinghamshire New University offers more than the average institution.

hospital double film location london medical suite doctor's office

Bucks New Uni boasts an extremely versatile and diverse selection of areas providing a multitude of possibilities for filming. From basic function rooms to contemporary study areas , you’ll also find one of the most unique libraries in any modern college or university. Bucks even offers the possibility of a midweek dressed office. With enough notice, areas of the library can be sectioned off and, with the summer break fast approaching and the reduced student presence on site, film crews can make the most of an area that would normally only be accessible for a limited time.

The jewel in the crown of Bucks New Uni is quite easily its medical suite. With a partition wall that can be drawn back to double the size of the room, the medical suite can hold up to 8 ‘patients’ at a time (if not more) with individual curtains for each. This makes it perfect for an ER or waiting room film location double. Dressing the medical suite with some high-end props  also allows this area to double for an intensive care unit at any of the top London hospitals. Situated in the south  side of the campus,  the adjoining corridors have recently undergone a number of refurbishments including some brilliantly coloured corridors and lift areas, the perfect double for a children’s ward or paediatrician’s office.

hospital double film location - modern office film location

Finally for a total curve ball: Bucks New Uni even has its own ‘booking room’. There is scope to recreate a small police station easily and with minimal dressing (minus the cells, of course). Directly suited to a 90’s/00’s period production, it could also be dated back further, as there are still some areas of Bucks New Uni awaiting refurbishment (details on enquiry). Perfect for the next Life on Mars.

hospital double film location - modern office film location - police station film location double

Take advantage of summer at Bucks New Uni  the ideal opportunity to set up in this multi-purpose film location.  A vast array of areas suitable for a multitude of briefs, these are just a tiny sample of what’s available. Check out the full listing to see what Bucks New Uni can bring to your production.


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