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Time to go back to school… Check out our new exclusive, Brooklands College

Brooklands College It’s back to school time… …so we thought we’d give you a sneak-peak behind the doors of  Brooklands College; a vacant multisite comprised of old and new school buildings, lending themselves to a multitude of briefs. Location: Ashford (Middlesex) In the heart of the west London film hub Blank canvas for any production looking to…


An exclusive sneak peak into Peckham Liberal Club

Peckham Liberal Club An exclusive sneak peak into this multipurpose 1960’s working men’s club. From pub and bar settings to theatre and indoor sports facilities, this location is a versatile space that could potentially double as a retro police station, a stark interrogation room or even retro gangster hangout – just to name a few!…

hospital double film location - modern office film location

Bucks New Uni: The film location double you need

Hospital, police station, office? Who knew you could do so much at one university? With summer upon us and gap years being booked left, right and centre, here is an eye-opening guide to one of our best educational facilities, offering extra availability during the holiday months. Providing film location doubles including a hospital ward, a police station…

period military film location

Smuggler’s den? War bunker? Look no further!

Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent has it all. So much more than its interconnecting chalk caves and subterranean garrison structures, Fort Amherst offers unrestored areas alongside newly refurbished over ground fortifications. Britain’s largest Napoleonic Fortress, with an impressive network of historic buildings across 20 acres, Fort Amherst is becoming a firm favourite for film productions….