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House of Detention Film Location London - Undeground brick bunker

Collective Summer Reads – Location Interpretation (1/3)

Welcome to July! It’s a perfect month to spend buried in a book by the pool, if you’ve got a sunny getaway planned. If like us you’re working through the summer, maybe there’s a quiet corner on set where you can get your fiction fix.

With that in mind, think of us as your location sommeliers, as we pair some perfect book/location picks, wherever you might be working…

House of Detention

House of Detention Film Location London - Undeground brick bunker

Escape into some prisoner literature at House of Detention, where the struggles of the Count of Monte Cristo are a great match for House of Detention’s period brick cells and subterranean mood.  Non-fiction buffs can brush up on The Clerkenwell Outrage, a real-life attempted prison break that took place in this very clink.  Just watch out that you don’t get so wrapped up that you get locked in the vault

Royal Windsor Racecourse

racecourse film location london

Aaand they’re off!  Stretch out on the period grandstand at Windsor Racecourse, where you can experience the thrill of the sporting crowd with Anna Karenina, whether it’s race day or not.  If you like a flutter, take along a copy of Seabiscuit: An American Legend, and place a bet on a sure-fire winner!

London Capital Club

period house film location london

London Capital Club is the perfect place to eavesdrop on (the pages of) Holmes and Watson discussing their next case in the wood-panelled period rooms, or spy on Dorian Gray by an authentic fireplace staying well away from his portrait.  Savour some chapters of Victorian scandal beneath the chandeliers, before trading hansom cabs in swirling fog for an Uber home through the late summer sunshine.


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