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Kingswood Film Location - Exterior

Anyone for doubles? Americana to Eastern Europe

The film industry is escaping the January blues it seems, with so many productions out there looking for foreign doubles. Su rounds up 5 of our most versatile film locations, you wouldn’t believe are so close to the M25. A huge range of possibilities – Colonial America, Eastern Europe and a slice of Miami. Diversity is guaranteed!

1. Kingswood

Kingswood American Double film location

Looking for a US government HQ? Come to Kingswood

Architecturally striking with dominant features, Kingswood is the perfect American government headquarters double! A multi-purpose site, suitable for a range of foreign double briefs, from Buddy the Elf’s post room to Ethan Hunt’s frantic chase scenes.

Does Kingswood have what you’re looking for? Email Su today.

2. Bisley Rifle Camp

Americana film location double london

Film a taste of Americana at Bisley

Bursting with Colonial-style features, Bisley Rifle Camp offers a countryside setting with unique Americana appeal. A dream site for SFX, with wide open planes for creating disaster.

Is Bisley Rifle Camp perfect for your current brief? Email Su today.

3. Wellesley Barracks

military film location double

Military exteriors available at Wellesley

For those with a creative eye, Wellesley Barracks‘ Eastern European Bloc double confronts you with striking concrete towers. Isolation is key here and possibilities are endless with 24/7 filming.

Want to explore this unique ex-military site? Email Sarah today.

4. Royal Gunpowder Mills

distressed film location

Capture history and intrigue at Royal Gunpowder Mills

At the other end of the spectrum we have the Royal Gunpowder Mills. This raw Eastern European double offers layers of intrigue, with history literally peeling off the walls. From action scenes to documentary, take a step back in time with this uncharted location.

Take your production back in time at the Royal Gunpowder Mills, email Su today.

5. High & Over

modern mansion film location london

Miami on your doorstep – High & Over has it all

High & Over – a slice of Miami in suburbia! A piece of art in its own right, this mansion unites art deco with minimalism. Film-friendly and available midweek.

Is High & Over the modern mansion you need? Email Alison today.


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A Canadian stow-away, Su lives in London with her husband and son.Say hello to Su

Her favourite film is The Great Escape and if she could be a character from any movie she’d be Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Say hello to Su on 0203 7733 209 or email her.

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