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period double film location central London

Period doubles and double agents

May marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day, and with a surge of interest in all things 1940s, London is the perfect place for a spot of Blitz-era filming.

Whether you’re looking for a battlefield, Churchill’s office or a civilian dance hall, here are some of the best World War II doubles from our Exclusive Collection.

1. WWII Political Doubles

Looking for somewhere to lead the country from? Got some stirring statesman’s speeches to make? Need somewhere to form a political alliance?

Get your cabinet together at London Capital Club. Wood panelling: check. Club chairs: check. Chandeliers and pillars galore: check check check. Retreat into a cloud of (herbal) cigar smoke and congratulate yourself on a victorious location strategy.

Sweep down more corridors of power at: the country estate of Langleybury Mansion or Kings College in central London.

period film location central London

2. WWII Military Doubles

Marshal your troops at 4th Division, where there’s room for everyone from field marshals to infantrymen.

A perfect space for pinpointing your plan of attack, your shots will always be right on target at this authentic red-brick barracks. And if you need to take your men on manoeuvres, it’s part of Wellesley Barracks, where there’s even more space to show off your military might.

Finesse Operation Perfect Shoot at: NRA Bisley for target practice or fire away at Royal Gunpowder Mills.

period military barracks film location

3. WWII Civilian Location Doubles

While away your cares at Randalls, where the art deco frontage and vacant retro interiors could be the perfect 1940s hotel, cinema, theatre, restaurant, or department store. Don’t forget to bring your own ration books and blackout curtains!

Continue to swing dance the night away at: the glamorous Banking Hall or the vibrant Red Club.

period art deco film location london


4. WWII European Doubles

Occupy a European stronghold without crossing the Channel at Boughton.

There’s French-style chateau inspiration to spare, from the ornate state rooms to the servants’ quarters and stables. And if you need to make a great escape, their WWII-era airfield is just a stone’s throw away…

Why not also say bonjour to: the stylish High and Over or Cogges Manor Farm for a more humble appeal.

period house mansion film location


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