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period film locations london

Royals and their film locations (almost)

Whether its broadsheets, television or a glossy mag, we love finding out about the Royals. This year the intricacies of their lives meet fiction with A Royal Night Out hitting cinemas and the commission of Netflix’s The Crown, a 10-part drama based on the critically acclaimed play The Audience.

But what is it that we find so fascinating about the British royal family? What is it that makes us want to see them depicted on screen? It’s not really the hats and the corgis. It’s the lifestyle, the glamorous, opulent settings in which they play out the narrative of their lives. And here at The Collective we have a few film locations which just might suit. A royal night out, a state dinner, or simply spending time with the family – these are all the film locations a royal might need.

grand hall film locations london

Starting with the humble abode we have a few options – both Goldsmiths Hall and Fishmongers Hall are grand film locations which offer spectacular Buckingham palace doubles. With opulent carpets, sweeping staircases, chandeliers and gold, marble or crystal on every surface. Both provide the perfect setting to take one’s morning toast and marmalade or for hosting a more regal state affair with a variety of rooms and styles available. These are period film locations which could span the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

period house film locations

When venturing out with the Corgis one prefers more idyllic scenery. Both the period film locations of Boughton Stately Home and Ashridge House provide great doubles for the Royal Family’s Country manors. Ashridge was actually designed by James Wyatt, who had a hand in creating Windsor Castle. Both film locations offer land and estates perfect for country pursuits. Some areas could even double for Eaton College.

military film locations

Now to what happens outside the palace – work and play. The Royals are often involved in military pursuits and film location military base Wellesley Barracks or Bisley Rifle Club are on hand for landing a chopper or embarking on some work away from the frontline.

racecourse film location london

When it comes to play, the Royal Family love a horse-related pursuit be it racing, polo or hunting. Royal Windsor Racecourse (aside from the track itself), has controllable roads and grass areas to suit many a royal day out. Use the stands as an Ascot double or head behind the scenes for some shots of the stables for tacking up.

nightclub bar double film location


At the other end of the spectrum is when the Royals might rather we didn’t see them at play. Being papped at those times we would all rather forget (or literally do from vodka consumption). Vinopolis, the Red Club, and the Be at One bars provide the perfect setting for a young prince to let loose and are great bar or nightclub doubles. You could even dress the Victorian Bath House, rumoured to have previously been a haunt of a certain Prince Harry.

modern office film location london

In the cold light of morning, we move to the press offices and their darkrooms, where the Royals’ secrets are released to the wider world. Croydon Plaza, Central St Martins, Blue Fin or City of Westminster College could be the press office double you’re looking for.

Add your own slant to the tale of the British Royal Family, as who knows what really goes on behind those ornate closed doors…


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