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livery hall film location london

The Next Best Thing: Unbelievable Doubles

With A Royal Night Out just hitting cinemas and Netflix’s The Crown on the horizon, we’re seeing a number of upcoming royalty-themed productions. We’ve picked out our closest doubles, locations all royalty might require. These are some of our newest and most prestigious Exclusives that are sure to make you double take.

5. Coronations and Celebrations

grand hall film location london

We may not be able to offer you Westminster Cathedral, but we can bring you close. Whether you need a chapel or a grand hall, Royal Hospital Chelsea has ornate wood panelling and black and white floor tiles, making for an exceptional double to recreate a coronation or regal wedding. All you need is a red velvet carpet and away you go!

4. Fit for a Queen

livery hall film locations london

Do you need the illustrious décor of Buckingham Palace, but don’t have the Queen’s permission to film the royal chambers? We have a solution. If it’s an elaborate banquet or state event you’re looking to film, these are locations even the Queen could mistake for the real thing. Think opulent ceilings, grand staircases, decadent chandeliers and gold leaf finishing, both Fishmongers Hall and Goldsmiths Hall have all the grandeur to replicate the real deal.

3. Fit for a Prince

stately home film location

Now where better to imitate Eton College or Oxbridge Universities than the exteriors of Ashridge House and Boughton. The redbrick arched passageways, footbridges, lakes and acres of land open up fantastic opportunities to capture school life for the privileged or even just a country walk with the corgis. So which one will it be? Don’t choose one, choose both!

2. Careers in the Armed Forces

military film location barracks

For military life, the perfect place to base your troops is none other than Wellesley Barracks . With a number of vacant buildings of different periods  and enough space to land your aircraft, this is the go to location for a military base either home or away. Or there is always Fort Amherst spanning across acres of historic land with a network of tunnels  and caves for hideaways. Both offer a huge scope for a base or a period battleground.

1. Place you Bets

racecourse film location london

And when back in Blighty, let’s not forget a day well spent at the races. Royal Windsor Racecourse, one of our new and very exciting exclusives has all you need to re-enact the Royal Procession and the usual escapades in the Royal Enclosure. You need not look any further to capture the monarch fulfilling a favourite past time at the real location!

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