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basement film location central london

Vacant locations for your next project

They’ve housed royalty, military, family and students – these vacant lots each come with their own history and unique appeal. Now being reinvented as film locations, these are amazing spaces with stories to tell.

1. Randalls

vacant warehouse film location London

A recently vacant department store, Randalls was a family business for 123 years, founded by the current owner’s great-grandfather in 1891. Now available midweek with two floors of warehouse space, exterior storage, offices and an on-site workshop.

Looking for a period vacancy? The upstairs space could be dressed as anything from a trendy apartment to an apocalyptic chase scene. You choose the time and place. Interested? Email Su.

2. Central St Martins

vacant film location central london

Central St Martins once housed some of the most prominent artists and designers of the 21st century. It was built by architect William Lethaby, who ran the school for 6 years before becoming its first principal in 1896. From the stairwells to the classrooms, this school had a huge impact on the direction of European design education.

Ever filmed a hexagon? The hexagonal room on the ground floor has original features and an ornate glass roof. There’s nothing quite like it in Holborn. Interested? Email Su.

3. Royal Gunpowder Mills

derelict vacant film location

Royal Gunpowder Mills have seen their fair share of explosives, having operated for over 300 years. In the mid-1850s, the site expanded and added nitro-based explosives and propellants to its repertoire. It was only after World War II that it opted for a quieter life and became solely a Defence Research Establishment.

Need a hideout for the end of the world? With underground tunnels and distressed corridors, The Royal Gunpowder Mills have the apocalypse covered. Complete with wasteland and 170 acres of surrounding woodland, whether it’s zombies, aliens or a mysterious pathogen, your feature film will be safe here (even if the characters aren’t). Interested? Email Su.

4. Fort Amherst

ancient ruin film location

With authentic handmade cave walls, Fort Amherst was constructed from a chalk pit to protect Chatham’s Royal Dockyard from land-based attack in 1708. It was extended between 1776 and 1805 into what is now a labyrinth of tunnels, providing defence in case of a siege. The original pickaxe and shovel marks can still be seen on the cave walls today.

Attack, defend, shoot: You don’t need an army to film at Fort Amherst, but nearby parking and space to unit base is readily available for larger crews. Don’t let the tunnels fool you – the Fort also has wasteland, overgrown ruins and dressed period bunkers. Interested? Email Tabby

5. Langleybury Mansion and School

vacant school film location

Finally Langleybury, a mansion with a legacy which includes filming. The Langleybury mansion was converted to a school in 1947 and remained this way until 1996, complete with a 60s school block, assembly hall and gym. Its schooldays behind it, Langleybury’s versatility has made it a filming favourite with an impressive list of credits.

Mansion – check. School – check. Production offices – check. At Langleybury, you can film everything from grand period staterooms to a dowdy school day in the 1990s. Use the gym for set-build, store props and costumes, and you can even hire the refurbished on-site production offices. Closer to Central London than you’d believe, this could be your new base of operations. Interested? Email Alison.

Vacant film locations with a slice of history – these sites have seen it all. Now you can add to their stories and create your own.


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Lauren was born and bred in Watford. She has been at The Collective since October 2014 and has a passion for spaces and locations and how these can be adapted for the screen.London film locations

One day she wants to open a cinema where she will hold Stanley Kubrick themed screenings on a regular basis. Her favourite film is The Shining as Shelley Duvall is her all time hero!

Say hello to Lauren on 0203 7733 710 or email her today.

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